7 Opening Credits re-imagined

This video editing long-term project was initiated by my discovery of the website Art of the Title, which takes deep looks at title sequence designs in film and TV. After looking through their archives I asked myself the question how a TV shows title sequence can set the tone of how it is perceived and if that feeling transports if the subject matter is changed.

In the span of a few months I created a total of seven title sequences by using clips and screenshots and edited them together in the style of maybe not so different other productions. 






Adobe Premiere Pro,
Adobe Photoshop,
Adobe After Effects

The Mandalorian

In the Style of Band of Brothers

Game of Thrones

In the Style of House of Cards

Game of Thrones

In the Style of Better Call Saul

The Thing

In the Style of Aliens

Star Wars

In the Style of Blade Runner


Recreation of the title sequence

True Detective

In the Style of Twin Peaks